Youth Camp Supply List

The youth will be required to bring the following items to the youth retreat in Cascade/Donnelly:

Downloadable List

  • Dramamine (if you get car sick)
  • Spending money for snacks on the ride up (optional)
  • Bibles
  • Notebook & Pen
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Towels (For bathing and water sports)
  • Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo, Tooth Brush, Deodorant)
  • Clothing for 3 days and 2 nights (Shorts, Pants, Shirts, Pajamas, Sweatshirts) – ONE BAG ONLY!
  • Swimsuits (Appropriate swimsuits are swim trunks/shorts for boys, and 1-piece swimsuits for girls)(Girls – if 1-piece isn’t available a bikini may be worn ONLY if long shirt is worn over bikini)
  • Sandals or Water Shoes
  • Sunglasses (if needed)
  • Waterproof Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Earplugs (In case snoring bothers you at night)
  • Lawn Chairs
  • Footballs, Volleyballs, Frisbees


The following items are restricted from the Youth Retreat (DO NOT BRING THESE!):

  • Computers/ Handheld Games
  • iPods

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