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Meetings held Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. at the church. Just stop by!

Welcome to Pure Word/Substance Abuse Ministries

Pure Word Ministries began in February 1987 out of an answer to prayer and a desire to have a meeting focused on Jesus Christ, and to acknowledge His ability to set individuals free from bondage to sin and fear. Our ministry is to serve those who desire to be free from a life of bondage to sin. This includes behaviors termed “diseases” or life-controlling problems in today’s society. We don’t focus on the past and what we were like but rather on what our Lord is presently doing in our lives. Focusing on the past causes us to boast in things that were and are unprofitable and also causes us to compare ourselves with each other.

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Our meetings consist of “continuing steadfastly in God’s Word, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer for one another.” The truth of God’s Word, the Bible, will be the ultimate authority for the existence and activities of Pure Word Ministries.

Anyone is welcome to attend Pure Word meetings. They are structured so that the addicted, as well as those who love and desire to help them, can learn about the “sin” that holds their loved ones in bondage.

All that is needed is a heart that is open to listen, a Bible, a pen, and paper to write down scriptures and notes. As individuals, we have found our faith, hope, and love complete in Jesus Christ. It is Jesus Christ who has given us the authority through the Holy Spirit to overcome and conquer all sin and fear that would hold us in bondage.

 Source: http://www.pureword.org/

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